Welcome to our site dedicated to the enjoyment and preservation of the old Gale company which created a series of innovative hi-fi products a generation ago.  This is a site for enthusiasts to learn and share about the chrome and acrylic wonders which pioneered a new aesthetic in home listening.

Relax, sit back, learn, listen, and have fun-  that’s the whole point of this site!


The Big Drawing 2 w border


 Ira Memories












I was with Ira at the London Musical Club when he suddenly said I know my next project is going to be- I’m going to design a speaker as good as the Quad Electrostatic.

The next time I went to his flat he had a professional woodworking bench saw set up in the living room and was dissecting the various best speakers of the day.”- Steven Jones


Howie’s Done It!

Gale speakers and turntable coupled to Lecson electronics!

Excuse my excitement, but I have finally got my vintage HiFi I always wanted as a newbie audiophile back in the late 60’s / early 70’s.  The Gale GS401A’s I have owned since new in 1978. Carted all around Australia suffering several refoaming’s, rusting end caps and then (horror) actually loosing 2 of them in transit somewhere, they were in a very poor state. A full restoration in 2012 brought them back to as-new condition.

Now retired, one of my many projects has been to pull the good innards out of the working but shabbily encased AC1, and carefully put those into the good body and sliders of the other electronically broken AC1, to complete one as-new condition preamp. The AP3 was simply a matter of carefully bogging up tiny dings in the case, filing and a respray. Unfortunately in syncing up my various “i” devices I no longer have any photos of that project. I found many of the posts here on this forum invaluable in tackling this.

The Gale GT2101 turntable was my sisters hubbies which she found in a cupboard when he passed away. It didn’t work and has been a 3 year project to fix that thing. There are threads on the sister Gale audio Google group site about this fix. The photo link with a couple of videos is …


The SME 2009 series III improved and Shure V15 Mk 3 cartridge are both pinched off the first turntable I ever bought (back in 1979) … a Fons CQ30. The GT2101 already had a slot in the perspex to fit an SME so this was a perfect match for the old girl.

As I do listen to cd’s too, I found the Musical Fidelity X-Ray CDP with its rounded styling and black fluted body as an almost perfect match to the Lecson AP3 towers styling aesthetic. So that’s in my system too even though not strictly classed as vintage 😉

So to see it all in action, here’s the Youtube video link (sorry for the shakes in the video) …

So now I wonder how long it will all hang together without all the old electronics frying 🙂   But for now, I listen and take in the looks as well as the sound. It’s been a long haul to get here and I truly count my blessings for being privileged enough and lucky enough to have been able to indulge in such things.


Replacement GS401 Tweeter Identified

The world’s stock of Celestion HF 2000’s used in the Gale GS401 series speakers is just about depleted with used pairs now approaching $400 on eBay.   David Smith has been kind enough to nominate a viable replacement.  Not too surprisingly, it harks towards the GS402…

Peerless DT 100H Tweeter Front

Peerless DT 100H Tweeter 100DT 26 72 SF FF WA





Front and rear view of the Peerless DT 100 H tweeter

(same as the 811827 and 100DT 26 72 SF FF WA)

Peerless spec sheet

Peerless tweeter

“After some research it turns out the tweeters are not connected with the guy in Australia they were (and I think still are available from some sources) i.e. standard Peerless old stock. The notes I have written is self explanatory and I attach all the pics and sheets for you to sort out for use. They sound very good and I like them better than the HF2000…! I have them in my workshop listening pair which are standard apart from the tweeters. My pair are DCR 6 ohm and are fine without any alterations.”  (Member DS)


Before & After & Ready to Fly

David Smith has become quite the speaker repair maven over the years, transforming tired old Gale speakers into spitfires once again.   Gale owners from all over the world are now bringing their old friends to his shop as airline luggage!  This transformation took place in less than a week and included the crossovers.  Quite the difference…

DT Gales 'Before' DT Finished 2

             Before                                                    After 


Ready for Travel           

David’s website is:


Howie’s Magnificent Turntable Upgrade

Howie's Turntable Capture

He’s turned broken into beautiful…  click on the links.        


Russian Retro

Russian Retro






Member Rustam has shared his GS401C upgrade with the group.  His 1970’s “Russian Retro” listening room is something to behold.   Pretty sure you can’t get those chairs and carpet at the local IKEA.  One wonders what the perfect album would be to enjoy the experience…

I’m very, very jealous.  Ira would be proud.


Out Standing!

Boxed Stands 2







Either upgrade or own these gorgeous beauties for first time.  Now on the fourth production run, each tends to sell out very quickly at 285 pounds/pair.  Contact Member DS at  Scroll down two posts for more details.




We’ve added Howie’s incredible turntable renaissance story.   His team of university students has created a parts list, identified some key issues, and are bringing his turntable back to life.   Some of the initial information is at the very bottom of the Turntable Page- obviously a work in progress!

Michael Fremer’s GT2101 turntable review in AnalogPlanet is linked in the Turntable Section.  Mikey likes it!

Added the February 1975 Popular Science article in Turntable Section.

Added Peter Balcon’s cone doping and RF welding comments in the GS401 section.


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Mystery Turntable Identified!

Thanks to Member Huub, we have the answer!

” That is indeed the original prototype based on the experimental one I machined myself at the Royal College of Art 1971/2.”

Ken Freivokh

Note: Additional photographs are now posted in the Turntable section.


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New Chrome Stands?

Home Chrome


As many of you probably already know the original Gale speaker stands are as rare as hen’s teeth, expensive, and poorly constructed when compared to the typical build standards one expects today.

A bit flimsy considering the valuable speakers mounted on top.

Member DS has gone to considerable efforts in making a new production run AND offering them for less than an old set typically costs.  Satisfied customers in Australia, USA, New Zealand, Singapore, Norway, France, Austria, and the UK can attest to their success.


The price is 285 pounds plus shipping- a very special offer indeed.




Stunning recreation of the original…

Ready for your listening room…

More stable, better bass reproduction…


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Equipment Malfunction?

There seems to be a slight difference between these two Gale advertisements…

Maybe it was a chilly day?



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