Equipment Malfunction?

There seems to be a slight difference between these two Gale advertisements…

Maybe it was a chilly day?



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11 Responses to Equipment Malfunction?

  1. vintagegale says:

    The bottom one was obviously an out take….nevertheless slightly more preferable!

  2. Lothar says:

    David, David…….behave yourself! ;)))

    And you can also see the reflection of a car in the chrome of the BW picture!


  3. emmaco says:

    Yeah, the car reflection… that’s it!

  4. Donald says:

    my (hazy) recollection from my time in hi fi retail was that the “dress” version was used in magazines like hi fi news , the nude one was given to us for display in the shop.
    Maybe Ira advertised in penthouse or something ? no prizes for guessing which one they’d use

  5. emmaco says:

    My son commented that if your hand is touching a truly naked woman then you can balance a larger speaker on your head.

    Certainly thought provoking…

  6. Lothar says:

    Still wondering John…….How does he know ?

    Theory ? Experience ?


  7. Lothar says:

    Good luck old man ! ;)))


  8. Bruce Gale says:

    So, does anyone have any guesses as to how Ira created this shot? He was there for the shoot and orchestrated it, from what he had told me. Sorry, no prizes for correct guessing, just the satisfaction of deducing.

  9. darucla says:

    My understanding of this ad is that the woman was naked in all the shots and the diaphanous clothing was added in “post”. I know that the “naked” version was printed on the back cover of one the hi fi mags by mistake, and drew a lot of angry comment from the public. It also increased the sales of that issue substantially: enough so that they “mistakenly” used it again the next month, at no charge to Gale.

    I helped out Gale at one of the Audio Shows (Olympia?) at around that time. Apart from hi fi people, there were a number of attractive ladies on the stand, who were dressed in black tops with “Gale” in silver foil across them. The black material was very transparent. Ira was a bit of a lad

  10. jagmk11man says:

    I still have the actual speakers that are in pic

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