New Chrome Stands?

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As many of you probably already know the original Gale speaker stands are as rare as hen’s teeth, expensive, and poorly constructed when compared to the typical build standards one expects today.

A bit flimsy considering the valuable speakers mounted on top.

Member DS has gone to considerable efforts in making a new production run AND offering them for less than an old set typically costs.  Satisfied customers in Australia, USA, New Zealand, Singapore, Norway, France, Austria, and the UK can attest to their success.


The price is 285 pounds plus shipping- a very special offer indeed.




Stunning recreation of the original…

Ready for your listening room…

More stable, better bass reproduction…


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7 Responses to New Chrome Stands?

  1. David says:

    New stands have now been delivered to me by Sleigh…….

  2. Robin Wyatt says:

    I own a Gale turntable, actually Sao Win’s with the original adjustment tool, the stereo view this actual table appeared in as well as the PLAYBOY, it was also in!! I purchased it from collector don Sellers in FL. he has all the emails with Dr Win to collaborate its standing!
    I am trying to buy some Gale GS 401A speakers too. I need to buy the stands and have them delivered to New Jersey, USA (10007).
    What will that cost me? thank you for your help.
    Robin Wyatt
    908 334 3241

  3. Robin Wyatt says:

    I would like to buy the stands but the email quoted above does not work. I live in NJ USA. I own all the Gale LP’s and Sao Win’s actual Gale turntable, complete with adjustment tool, The Playboy, and Audio Review, that my actual table appeared in!! I have a line on two pairs of GS401A, need stands!!

  4. fanatson says:

    As a new 401A-owner (restoration in progress) I would like to buy a pair of chrome stands.
    Would like to obtain some contact-information.
    I live in A-6020 Innsbruck, Austria.
    Thanks, Markus

  5. fanatson says:

    Just got my new Chrome stands from vintagegale.
    Simply stunning! Sturdy construction.
    In my room at least (hardwood floor), the bass quality is not compromised at all-nor is the rest of the spectrum-, even compared to the heavy duty utilitarian-looking welded steel-stands I had used before.
    Highly recommended!

  6. jeff says:

    I have a working original pair of Gale 401 good chrome ends for sale.

  7. jagmk11man says:

    I still have the actual speakers that are in the above photo & were used for penthouse pics these were used by Ray Churchouse of GALE for launch & promo work if anyone has penthouse pictures would appreciate copies good luck to all

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