Mystery Turntable Identified!

Thanks to Member Huub, we have the answer!

”┬áThat is indeed the original prototype based on the experimental one I machined myself at the Royal College of Art 1971/2.”

Ken Freivokh

Note: Additional photographs are now posted in the Turntable section.


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One Response to Mystery Turntable Identified!

  1. Huub Bouwmeester says:

    the original (Gale) turntable design was belt driven. So this could well be the original ‘concept’. Do you have contacts with Nigel Hobden? He should know whether this is the original design.

    best regards and what a nice and very interesting site is this. I am following Gale since the end of the seventies and I own a pair of 401A’s since 1981
    (I am living in the Netherlands)

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