Ira Gale’s Sister

Ira’s sister, Bonnie, was kind enough to share a few stories about his life.  About as close as we’ll ever get to the source.

This Eames chair was Ira’s personal favorite and has a place of honor in Bonnie’s home.   As you may discover by exploring this site, there is a strong influence between modern furniture design and Gale product styling.

So have a seat, and click on a link below, sit back, listen, and relax.


Ira Gale as a young boy

Ira Gets a Brother and Goes to School

Ira Makes a Speaker

Ira in the Eighties

Ira Sells Art


Ray Churchouse- The Sales Manager

Ray was at the center of everything.  His audio background is nothing short of stellar and this interview shares just of few of his many amazing experiences.  

Ray Churchouse







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  1. Lothar says:

    All interviews and music can be downloaded in a couple of seconds and sound very well, so a real great start!


  2. emmaco says:

    Thanks. Any comments from the around the world are appreciated.

  3. ray churchouse says:

    I was Iras first employee and sales manager and close friend.I set up the UK retailers and then the US military sound stores in the UK and then some in Germany.My time with Ira Gale will always be remembered.After 7 years i decided to further my career and i left the company but was always in touch with Ira even when he went back to the states.I could spend hours talking about Ira Gale but I with my great memories and wish the new company the very best.

  4. emmaco says:

    Southern California. I’ll email you offline….



  5. David says:

    Just had a listen to Ray’s memories and I can also remember going to Upper Heyford USAF base many times to visit an american friend who was stationed there. The PX shop was absolutely amazing, you could buy everything from a case of Budweiser to a Cherokee Jeep and masses of enormous hifi speakers and receivers from all the well known US and Japanese suppliers. Great to hear Ray’s stories…..those were the day’s when we used to get two plus dollars to the pound!

  6. c says:

    Ray was Mr Hi-fi in the UK audio industry during the 70s and 80s along with Peter Merrick, both were mavericks of the day! Ray had a natural charm and ability that attracted pop stars along with top celebrities to hi-fi stores he operated. I had the pleasure of working with Ray on Saturdays at Hi-Fi-Fo-Fum in Bute St, South Kensington, London. Anyone who entered the store went away with a Hi-Fi System and there were no exceptions! One Saturday a poor chap came into the store to ask for directions to the underground train station and left with a Linn LP12, Quad 405/33, and a pair of 401s. Through Ray I installed systems for super stars and had such an amazing experience as a young lad working with Ray over some ten years. We did some fabulous Hi Fi installs like the time CBS USA hired all the top hotels in London and we had to install audio systems to hundreds of top hotels across London. Another time, Ray sent me to install a B&O TV into a posh house in Cheyne Walk, Chelsea and whilst I was on the floor wiring in the TV this lunatic came into the room and started to do kung fu on me play fighting. The lunatic was Yul Brynner who was in London at the time doing The King and I. I recall Ray and Yul Brynner became close friends.

    I hope Ray you are no longer smoking those smelling cigarettes . . you were a bad influence on a young lad and bet I could still setup an LP12 quicker than you without a jig. But the boy did good Ray! So thank you x c

  7. Grace Burnett says:

    Fond memories of our short encounter with Ira. He came into our lives after visiting my husband’s silversmithing and jewellery show at the Royal College of Art in 1980 and purchased a small square silver folding table clock with a view to having it manufactured. Our son, Christopher, was 3 – 4 years old and I clearly remember Ira arriving with a gift of a ‘robot arm’ toy for him (currently in hibernation in our loft). On another occasion we were literally about to leave for our Christmas trip home to Scotland when he appeared at our door with a huge box containing a Star Wars ‘AT AT.’ No gift from Santa could ever compete with that! Ira was a very enthusiastic, generous and determined man with belief. I was delighted to find this website which brought back these memories.

  8. Simon Spiers says:

    Ray, I doubt you remember me but I remember you.
    I was a teenager working at Unilet in the early 1980’s you were a sales manger.
    I worked upstairs in the service department.

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