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  1. Lothar says:

    And here we go with a pair of Gales for someone who wants to throw his money out of the window! ;)))
    About three times the usual market price, but who knows…..someone might bite.


  2. nige999 says:

    For sale – pair of Gale 301’s – in OK condition externally but desperate for restoration and will need work on the bass drivers.

    In the UK, I can bring to West London (Heathrow area) if required.

    £30 the pair.

  3. Nigel says:

    For sale, pair of crossovers complete with all components from a pair of GS401C’s.

  4. B Conolly says:

    Wherever the crossovers were made, it’s well worth replacing the capcitors. The originals degrade over time, and weren’t that brilliant to start with ..

  5. DS says:

    For sale a pair of GS401C’s they have had a make over by me awhile ago and just need the cabs refinishing which were not touched at the time, grill covers are also in good condition. being sold by the owner who I can put any interested party in touch with, he is South UK based.

  6. Mhinman says:

    I just picked up a nice pair of 402A speakers, black with the chrome ends. The play well so far. They do seem power hungry. Any information would be greatly appreciated.


  7. Dan Donovan says:

    Hello- Any Southern California Gale lovers- I have a pair of Gale GS401 speakers for sale, local pick up only. Please contact me for details at


  8. Ronan says:


    Gale 401c speaker grills. in good condition. Can replace cloth just as long they are not broken.

    Thanks a million!

  9. jefwb says:

    I have a pair of GS401C speakers from 1982 in totally NEW, UNUSED CONDITION. They were imported new from the USA in 1982 and placed in my home, whilst I was working abroad. I never got around to using them, nor even connecting them up. They have moved around with me in each of my homes ever since, so their condition is PRESTINE. They do have a couple of very minor marks on the cabinets, but very minor. The insides and workings are in genuine NEW, UNUSED condition. We are now moving again, but have decided the speakers need a new worthy home, where they will be used and fully appreciated. Anyone interested?

  10. timhum says:

    Gosh, this is a first! Nobody has replied either. Where in the world are you? Although I have not got the money or space for these I am very interested to know if the foam surrounds are in good condition after all these years. I am guessing they are OK from your description but normally they would be cracked by now. I do not know whether they go bad on exposure to the air or UV as some suggest or whether they simply deteriorate with time. Would you share the condition of the foams with the rest of us and if you have had no interest from the membership in terms of buying, a picture would increase interest.

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